The goal at SOMADE is to provide both a seamless as well as exceptional manufacturing, importing, service and product experience

SOMADE's sales department is made up of a successful and experienced team of professionals with long track records in product design, manufacturing, and custom OEM product development. Our bilingual Production and Sourcing teams work in time with Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) teams in our overseas offices. This translates to a stringent manufacturer selection process, a detailed 20-step production protocol, product testing that emphasizes both product safety and CPSIA compliance, and a full-service approach. Our expertise ensures your order will be correct, high quality and delivered on time. Here are SOMADE's elements to a seamless product development experience:

•Over 20 years Design, Manufacturing (OEM), Import & Merchandise experience
•Project Sourcing with a network of trusted manufacturing partners
•Complete Project Management services
•Command of retail product, merchandising, and eStore operations
•Expertise to directly manage factories and our multi-cultural office locations
•On-site Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams
•CPSIA, Prop 65 compliance with product safety and quality testing
•Experience working with many Fortune 500 US companies
•Expert knowledge of textiles, garments, drinkware, bags, totes, luggage & plastics
•Unmatched commitment to your Success