Each project undergoes our 20-Step Project Management Process:


Initial Product Discussion

Bring your concept or product idea to SOMADE to discuss key elements.

  • What is the function of the product?
  • Who is the targeted end user and what are some key demographic elements? 
  • What is the desired in-hands date?
  • What budget constraints or flexibility do we have?

We can offer you suggestions and alternatives that may save time, improve project design and scope, enhance the manufacturing capability and help you reap potential budgetary savings.

Determine Key Product Specifications

Product description, decoration method, key product functions, target price, in-hands date and delivery requirements should be spelled out with SOMADE so we can get you a timely project proposal.

Factory Capability Assessment

SOMADE then works behind the scenes conducting a detailed assessment of our factory partners to determine which has the best manufacturing competency and capabilities to produce the best result for your project.

Product Safety and CPSIA Compliance

Laws and regulations, product safety, CPSIA, ISO 9001 and Prop 65 compliance are always changing. SOMADE guarantees all products we deliver are safe and compliant. Through our network of testing partners, certified testing results as well as any applicable safety and compliance requirements are provided on every project. SOMADE will guide you through this process.

Detailed Proposal

SOMADE provides a detailed written proposal for every project; outlining price, product description, sample and production time-lines, logistics and customs services. Packaging, payment terms, and pertinent details to getting your project delivered timely and accurately are also included.

Purchase Order

Your project is confirmed once SOMADE receives your written purchase order, acceptable artwork, and financial clearance.

Purchase Order Confirmation

Once we have these three elements, a written Purchase Order Confirmation (POC) will be issued to you within 24 hours outlining all aspects of the project. This is our exclusive “SpecSheet” listing out ALL aspects of the project: production and decoration description, packaging and carton mark information, payment terms, product testing requirements and delivery dates. You will be asked to sign and return this document insuring everyone is “on the same page” in terms of project details and expectations.

Pre-Production Sample

SOMADE provides a physical pre-production (PP) sample for every project. This is a “hands-on” review of your product to make sure all details are correct. Detailed e-photos are provided in advance of the physical sample.  PP samples are previewed by our QA/QC team for accuracy before they are sent out for your review.

Sample Approval

Upon receipt of your product sample, you will be provided with a written “Production Authorization” form. This form allows you to approve the sample as is, with changes, or request a new sample with updates. No production begins before your written approval of the sample is received. This step is vital in reducing your risk that product will be produced incorrectly.

1st Inspection (in-line)

Once the pre-production sample is approved by you, SOMADE’s on-the-ground QA/QC team go to the factory to review all materials, product components, and factory production plans to insure they meet or exceed the requirements and quality of the Approved pre-production sample.

Full Production

SOMADE manages this critical step via our bilingual domestic and oversea's production staff and on-site QA/QC teams.  This ensures your project stays on time and on budget.

Freight Booking

SOMADE’s experienced logistics team uses many Global freight partners to insure seamless transport of your freight. FOB shipments, ocean, and air bookings are made early in the production process to have all arrangements in place well in advance of production completion.

Final Inspection

Every project is inspected by trained SOMADE staff or our independent testing partners before any goods leave the factory. Final production must meet or exceed our strict quality control standards for product function. Written inspection reports with pictures are provided to you for review before goods are released for delivery to the freight forwarder.

Country of Origin Port Delivery

We handle all details regarding transport of goods from the factory floor to the port of departure. Our Logistics team insures all bills of lading, packing slips and required documentation are correct and in place.

USA Port Delivery & Customs Clearance

To assure accuracy and save time, SOMADE handles all customs clearance documentation in-house...NO 3rd Party. Customs paperwork, pre-clearances, and final clearance are completed stateside prior to delivery.

Inland Delivery

Whether you prefer to pick-up goods at port, or have SOMADE deliver to door, we can handle your request. SOMADE will arrange palletization and inland transport as needed as well as provide recommendations for drop shipment and fulfillment services as desired.

Delivery Confirmation

SOMADE can provide tracking for inland deliveries and will provide a written proof of delivery (POD) upon request.

Final Billing

All details are finalized and you are provided with a final invoice detailing unit cost, freight, and any other requested services.

30-Day Garantee

SOMADE stands behind every product delivery...ALL product is guaranteed for 30-days...if something is wrong we work with you to repair or replace as needed to make things right. 

Satisfaction Survey

We value your opinion and the quality of your import experience. SOMADE's goal is 100% customer satisfaction in both product quality and overall service. We follow-up with a survey on every project so you can provide feedback to help us serve you better.