Sourcing with SOMADE

SOMADE has established global alliances enabling integration of hundreds of manufacturing resources worldwide. The result is we provide the options you need in order to provide quality, safe and tested products...Our abilities are far reaching across multi-national borders giving SOMADE the ability to produce goods in many product categories including:

  • Cut and Sew
  • Plastics and Storage
  • Bags, Totes, Luggage
  • Housewares
  • Small Electronics
  • Drinkware

SOMADE first works closely with you to define the product specifications and scope of work desired. We then source and communicate your objectives to the "right-fit" manufacturer, negotiate best price, quality, and production schedule. All project details are then provided to you in a written project proposal. Our expert Sales team will walk you through each detail, answer questions, communicate your expectations and be your point of contact throughout the seamless SOMADE order process.

Project Management with SOMADE

SOMADE manages all aspects of production by eliminating geographic distance, language and cultural barriers. Another of SOMADE's unique philosophy's is that we do everything possible to ensure Project Management is best left to our experienced professionals who have done it before. SOMADE's production team is bi-lingual, experienced, professional and are in daily communication with our factories. They understand product expectations from your perspective, as well as how these expectations are best supported within typical manufacturing processes and protocols. They are dedicated to ensuring your products are manufactured according to your specifications, delivered on time and on budget. They work in tandem with our worldwide network of offices to qualify and audit manufacturers for Quality Assurance (QA) on every project we do.

SOMADE follows our exclusive 20-step production process to be sure every project obtains appropriate quality standards, safety testing, compliance protocols, and all details related to a successful completion.