Custom Manufacturing

Objective: A major league baseball team needed a unique item to be given away at the ballpark that would appeal to all ages. In addition they wanted an item that would continue to promote the team long after the game.

Challenge: To design a custom PVC windup toy that mirrored a team player.

Solution: The creative team at Greater China developed a custom PVC windup toy that was packaged in a custom gift box and fulfilled with a coupon insert provided by the sponsor.  Greater China’s sourcing team worked with an injection mold manufacturer to develop initial hand samples for approval, prior to tooling. The hand sample was completed in 2 weeks and was pre-approved immediately. Our partner manufacturer tooled the actual toy molds in less than 4 weeks. Once the tooling was complete, initial hand painted samples were provided for the client to approve the location of the colors and logos. Once our client signed-off, the manufacturer produced spray masks to expedite mass production and control quality. This unique premium was designed to create excitement for the first 25,000 LOYAL fans attending a game while increasing game day ticket sales.

Success: The custom PVC wind up toy proved to be so successful and fun that it was repeated for additional players for future games.